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Marco Nauta


It’s one thing to tell a story, it’s another to tell it exactly the way one wants to. Director and cinematographer - Marco belongs to the privileged latter. If you look closely, you’ll find a window to his soul in the industrious little details he wraps beautifully in aesthetic depth. Besides a steady shoulder (that is a gift to Film-kind), he has the sort of sense of humour that makes him fit right in, anywhere in the world. When not shooting, he likes to play piggyback with his little girl who also happens to be his hero.



Krishnendu Bose


With international award winning documentaries to his name, Krishnendu’s mind is a playground for artistic brilliance. His vision is where documentary wisdom crosses paths with cinematic craft creating stories that inspire movement. A true bong intellectual, his hunger for meaning goes as far as, if not more than, his love for a good meal of fish curry and rice.


Mayur Goel


He’s somebody who believes in films more than in life itself. Films to him are like Biblical parables that teach him all there is to learn in life. Stories are where he finds his expression, meaning, spark and many a times, himself. He believes in the love, the joy, the smile and the tears that build the texture of a feeling – something that can’t be described in words but only be felt. He’s a DIY freak and finds solace in tossing flat pebbles in rivers.


Sanket Rasal


Sanket’s approach to film is - prepare with persistence, be stern with detailing and then leave room for nuances. His passion for directing films with emotion is more than evident in his work. What he values is variety in his work; with fresh ideas and new challenges evinced by the diverse films he has directed. He prides himself on having an eye for detail and has a pulse on what is contemporary in the industry and technology.


Rukshana Tabassum


A trained classical dancer and painter, Rukshana strikes perfect synergy of movement and metaphor through the viewfinder. Her earnest storytelling beats to the rhythm of everyday nuances and moments that leave one in deep thought. Having directed both commercials and critically acclaimed short films she is not just a terrific Ad filmmaker but also speaks the sensitive language of the soul. The Cake Story, her latest won 'Jury's Special Mention' in Short Fiction, Non feature category in the 65th National Film Awards. When she’s not behind the camera, you’ll find her cooking up a storm in her earthy kitchen that smells of nostalgia.

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